December 2016

How To Improve Your First Impression?

First impressions help you to build trust and confidence in the people you meet. They are heavily influenced by your self-image. This will depend on the type of outfit you wear, how you conduct yourself and your level of personal grooming. God first impressions can be very beneficial for your work aspirations. It will enhance the perception of others towards you, given them a sense of confidence in your capabilities and you will come off as someone who is competent, approachable and likeable. You need to analyse yourself and think of how you are seen by others. Consider what sort of an impression do you inspire and how you can improve upon it.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a good first impression is your attire. Carry out a wardrobe and closet evaluation to analyse everything you own and how you can utilise it to the maximum effect. The type of clothing you wear and your personal style will give some clues as to what kind of a person you are. Do you want to maintain a more formal look or do you want to be more creative with your clothing choices? This depends on your career as well. You will have a bit more leeway to experiment with styles and colours if you’re in a more creative industry. But it has to be consistent with your self-image and your brand of creativeness. A more professional look will inspire confidence if you’re employed in a formal industry. This will show that you take what you do seriously and that you are thorough in all aspects of your career. Read this article to gain information about wardrobe and closet evaluation.

Your grooming is also another important factor. Make sure that you present a neat and fresh countenance. Consider how you take care of your skin and hair. Cleanliness is extremely important. You can ask the opinion of a certified corporate image consultant on what you can wear to improve your self-image whether it is for work or leisure. You have to take control of all parts of your life and be very sure about the image you want to project to the others. It has to be authentic to your own self-expression as well.

It’s not only your external appearance that counts; you need to examine your attitude as well. People gravitate towards friendliness and authenticity. Make sure that you give someone your full attention when you speak with them. This denotes a level of trust and respect. This communicates to the other person that you are engaged and present at the exchange. Your verbal and non-verbal communication skills play a part in cultivating a good first impression as well. Speak clearly and make sure that you use appropriate language to maintain your professionalism. Maintain non-verbal cues such as practicing a solid handshake, steady eye contact and open stance.