Dealing With Oral Injuries

Oral injuries can occur from taking a bite out of an apple or from more serious things like a car accident. Whatever the cause it is necessary to deal with them. Oral injuries include a scratch on the roof of your mouth to broken teeth; they can be very painful and unbearable because it is a very sensitive place.
Deal with oral injuries the right way
If you have broken teeth from playing sports such as rugby or mixed martial arts or if it was caused because you bit an apple to hard then you should visit a dental clinic Business Bay and let professionals deal with it properly.
Here a filling or bonding will be done, if a small piece of the enamel has been chipped off a filling maybe used. If a large piece of the tooth has broken off then you may have to get a cap or crown. This process will involve getting veneers Dubai. They are wafer thin, made especially of tooth colored materials which are designed to cover the top surface of the teeth to improve your appearance. They are bonded to the front changing the color, size, lent and shape of teeth. They are made from resin or porcelain composite materials. Porcelain will resist stains better and mimic light reflect abilities of real teeth better. Resin is thinner and requires less of the surface to be removed before placement.
Reduce pain of an injury and encourage healing
Apply cold pressure to the affected area, or you can suck on a piece of ice or a flavored ice Popsicle as often as desired. Rinse the affected area or the wound with salt water immediately after eating. The saltwater encourages healing of the wound. It is better if you use warm salt water. You should food that is easy to swallow like soft foods. Milk and dairy products like yogurts, milk shakes and cottage cheese are soft foods. Avoid things that might sting like salty or spicy foods, citrus fruits and liquids and also tomatoes. Do not use tobacco products or smoke, you should also avoid consuming alcohol.
Use dental floss for anything that is stuck between your teeth. Make sure that you maneuver it carefully so you don’t cut your gums and cause further damage to your mouth.
Lips and mouth trauma
Injuries to the tongue and lips are quite common. The soft flesh and the exposed location of the lips will make them vulnerable. A blow to the lips can cause them to become cut, a fall or a blow can cause you to bite your tongue. Any injury in the mouth usually will cause you to bleed heavily because of the rich blood supply present.