How To Create An Educated Future Generation?

The future generation of the country determines the success or the failure of a country in the long run. It is much necessary that the present generations ensure that the future generations gain sufficient knowledge and expertise that is needed to create a successful country. And this responsibility is significantly placed on the shoulders of the parents and teachers of the present generation. The facts listed below are to help you realize how you can create an educated future generation.

Syllabus to be taught

The syllabus that is created by the educational institutes and authorities become the source of knowledge and the syllabus should be productive in its nature and content. Schools in Dubai British curriculum have proved to be one of the syllabuses that covers all the necessary aspects required in an education system. Therefore the governments have a great responsibility in creating of an all-inclusive education system that will help the future generation gain a very rich education. The syllabuses should necessarily involve subjects that can improve the child’s personality and social well-being. Sports and group activities should be involved in the syllabuses as those are proved to be very helpful in developing a child capable of facing every challenge in life.

Education for all

In order to make the future generation of a country educated it is necessary that everyone in the present generation be educated. If the state is unable to establish state funded schools sufficiently the state can welcome investors to establish private schools in Dubai or semi-government schools so that vast range of opportunities will be created to the students. The international conventions on human rights and child rights have established that education should be mandatorily granted to the students irrespective of gender, wealth, nationality, ethnic or racial backgrounds.

Child centered education

The education system should be necessarily child centered as it was found out by the educational experts. The education system that prevailed in the early days used to be teacher centered and the students were spoon fed and the things were studied by the students by heart. But it was found out to be limiting the scope of knowledge of the students. The children today have a greater potential and they need sufficient guidance instead of a limited ruling and dictatorship by the teachers and the tutors. Therefore the teachers should be trained in a way that they can facilitate the children in a way they can reach their true potentials and with their real efforts. Today due to the advanced technology the children have an access to a vast level of educational material and if they have sufficient urge they can learn everything. What they want their teachers is to guide and encourage them so that they can understand things by themselves well.