Checklist Of Things To Clean When Moving Out

You’re moving out to a new place because of a relationship or because you’re getting married or even for your kids’ schooling. You plan on renting out your house or even selling it before you leave. Your house or apartment needs to be spotless and beautiful for prospective buyers and/or renters. You have a great degree of work to clean your home. Stick to the things mentioned below and you should be fine.
There are companies that provide move out/ move in cleaning services Dubai which makes your work a lot easier as then most of the work be out of your hands. However, if you opt to do it yourself, follow this checklist. Let’s start with the living room. Make sure all the flat surfaces are dusted. If furniture is left behind, wipe the tops of them. All mirrors in the space and doors and windowsills must be washed and cleaned as well. The floors should be swept and mopped. If the floors are carpeted, they need to be vacuumed. Clean the doors and doorknobs and then attend to the light switches. As you go along, remember to empty the dustbins in every room.
Move on to the dining room. The pantry cupboards should wiped down on top, emptied and cleaned inside. All surfaces in the kitchen, including tables and chairs should be dusted. Wipe the shelves clean. Wipe and clean all the appliances in the kitchen (exteriors only) such as the microwave, fridge and dishwasher. If you’re using a cleaning company, make sure to tell the cleaners specifically to not use water in or wash the interiors of the appliances. Thoroughly wash the sinks. Wet a cloth and wipe the light switches. Scrub any marks off the walls and clean the doors. Vacuum the floors and mop them before you finish up.
When you are cleaning the bedrooms, dust all the surfaces. Vacuum the floors and mop them with a damp mop. Clean out the closets and clean the doors and the insides. Dust and wipe the mirrors and clean the doorknobs and doors. The walls need to be spotless as well. Wipe the windowsills and make those light switches shine. When it comes to the bathroom, make sure the sink is sanitised and cleaned. The toilet should be scrubbed clean and sanitised as should the shower doors, shower and shower walls. As always, dust all the surfaces. The doors and insides of the cabinets should be cleaned. Remember to mop the floors.
It is always to clean room by room and if you just stick to cleaning each item in each room before moving on to the next, your work should be over before you know it.