The Importance Of Getting Licensed From The Dubai Health Authority

If you are considering moving to Dubai, so you can work as a doctor there and earn a lot of money, you might want to know about the Dubai health Authority. The Dubai Health Authority or the DHA as it is known is one of three Health Authorities in the United Arab Emirates. They are the authorities who govern health practice and regulate and keep track of the medical health practitioners in their chosen emirate and in large the whole country.
Oh and they also issue licenses however more on that later.
The Dubai Health Authority mainly focuses on the health services in Dubai. It implements policies that govern both the Public and Private hospitals and clinics and ensures that they do not impede the health of the public and their lives. Furthermore the authority also ensures that patients’ rights are always protected and the practitioner treating them is competent in what they do.
The latter is the main reason why licenses are required in the emirate and in the whole country. Practitioners should be competent in their job. They are responsible for the lives of people and if they make a misdiagnosis or a mistake then the lives of the patients and their families will be affected. If you are involved in the profession of medicine then you should get your license. Visit this site to gain knowledge about efficient PRO services in Dubai.
The license is not just a card and a paper that says you can practice in the United Arab Emirates, it so much more. To acquire the license you need to undergo training. This will be carried out by an experienced practitioner who could give you so much knowledge and the training itself will increase your skills. The DHA Dubai license for each type of practitioner involves training. After which you will have to sit for an exam and if you pass it, only then will you receive your license.
As said before the license is specific. So an intern dentist will have a specific license and a resident doctor will have a separate license. The same goes to the nurses.
The reason you should get your license from the Dubai health Authority is that it will be much easier to get a DHA license renewal if you are staying in Dubai. Furthermore even if you received your license from the DHA, you can practice anywhere in United Arab Emirates without a problem until the license expires upon which you will have to get a renewal.
So if you wish to acquire the license to practice medicine in Dubai, acquire it from the Dubai Health Authority.