Gift Ideas For A Muslim Work Friend

Gift ideas for office mates and coworkers can be a little tricky. As they are neither your family and probably not those whom you consider your close friends, it’s quite possible that you might not know them too well. You need your gifts to be kind-of personal, but not too much so, as that generally tends to give out the wrong idea; especially with coworkers of the opposite gender.
Sounds complicated? It is. And it’s probably why you ended up finding this article.
If you are having trouble coming up with casual gift ideas for a Muslim work friend or colleague, then stop your worrying. Here are a few of our recommendations.
Islamic stationary
Stationary and writing equipment, something every working person has need for. If you do a little digging around the net, no doubt you’ll be able to find websites that sells Islamic stationary. It can be anything from pens to notepad, books, file covers, or even post-it notes. They make great little gifts, regardless of the occasion. If you cannot find them in your usual stationary website or store, try looking for websites that sell corporate Islamic gifts; as they are sure to carry what you’re looking for.
Decoration for their office space.
If you and your work friend generally spend a huge chunk of your days at work, and behind a desk, then a gift that will decorate your friend’s office space will be very thoughtful. It needn’t be something too fussy. Something like a paper weight can be both decorative and at the same time useful. The snow globe paper weights with a miniature Kaaba is one of our personal favorites. Besides, they can also opt to keep it at their home office, making it a lovely token of your friendship.
The call to prayer.
Time is important to any business person; but more so to a Muslim. This is because each of their prayers have to be performed within a certain time frame. Giving them an alarm clock that calls out the call for prayer in the appropriate times will help them keep track of time and their prayers; even at work. Look for websites and stores that sell hajj products to find this kind of clocks easily. This is sure to be a hit with your friend if they are trying to make an effort with their prayers.
Something impersonal personalized.
Personalizing something doesn’t always mean putting the gift receiver’s name on their gift. It means putting something that the receiver can relate to on the gift; making it especially for them. An Islamic quote they’re particularly fond of, famous sayings from Islamic scholars they like or even an Islamic joke will sit rather well on impersonal gifts such as a mug or a t-shirt—and instantly converts it into something a little more personal.